1. Ask them if they are fully insured and bonded.

  2. Ask them if they have cargo liability coverage.

  3. Ask them about their transfer facility and its security.

  4. Ask them where their facility is located.

  5. Ask them about their courier software and all of its capabilities including the

    ability to generate detailed invoices and customized reports for cost analysis.

  6. Ask them about their Customer Care Program.

  7. Ask them how many customers they have and what industries they service.
  8. Ask them to see a list of references.

  9. Ask them if they utilize employees or independent contractors.

  10. Ask them about their employee or contractor turnover rate.

  11. Ask them about management and personal experience in the industry.

  12. Ask them about their fleet of vehicles and cargo capabilities.

  13. Ask them how many employees or contractors they have.

  14. Ask them about how they receive and dispatch orders.

  15. Ask them about their different type of services.

  16. Ask them about their flexibility with regards to tailored delivery programs.