Services Overview

We have designed the services we offer to help ensure they meet the demands and needs of our current and potential customers.  Whether it be a company or an individual, our goal is to provide cost effective and flexible delivery solutions so our customers can focus on their core business or free up personal time and leave the delivery hassles to us.  Among some of the many services available to all of our customers are:

  • Express Delivery - One Hour Service or Less
  • Rush Delivery - Two Hour Service or Less
  • Regular Delivery - Four to Six Hour Service
  • Size and Weight Capabilities
  • Return Trips and Multiple Deliveries
  • Proof of Delivery Confirmation
  • Online Order Entry, Order Tracking and Information Capabilities
  • Service Citywide and Nearby Surrounding Cities or Towns
  • Custom Tailored Delivery Programs
  • Rapid Processing of Telephone Orders
  • Uniformed drivers

The following service programs were developed and designed to give companies or individuals an idea of what Premier Couriers-El Paso, Inc. can do for them.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or for a program that can be specifically designed for your needs.


On Demand Service

We go where and when you need us.  Whether it is a single delivery or hundreds of deliveries a day, our on demand service puts us at your disposal when you need us and not when it is convenient for us. Whether its picking up and delivering interoffice mail, bulk mail, bank deposits, laundry, legal documents, prescription medication, washer and dryer, or anything else that comes to mind, we can do it and we will be there when you need us.


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Our routed service offers a solution for daily, weekly or monthly recurring or routine delivery needs.  Whatever the frequency of your deliveries might be, we can handle single or multiple scheduled stops or routes that need to be serviced.  Whether we are filling in for an employee that is on vacation or whether you decide to outsource all of your deliveries, we can handle it all.

Dedicated Fleet

Our dedicated fleet service program is ideal for companies looking to outsource their deliveries to a third party delivery company in order to reduce costs and liability.  This also allows companies to focus on their core business while we take on the hassles of managing a fleet of vehicles and drivers needed to keep a company running.  

We offer various size vehicles and ensure all of our personnel are properly trained on all customer policies and procedures.  In the end, we are simply a transparent extension of a company without all the hassles and cost associated with managing a private fleet.



White glove services

Our white glove delivery services include in-home furniture and appliance delivery and installation.  Our delivery teams understand the importance in making sure homes and merchandise are protected during each and every delivery.  Our delivery teams will walk the delivery path leading to the specific location where the merchandise will be placed or installed to ensure nothing is in the way that could possibly be damaged and to make sure that pets and young children are out of harm's way during the entire delivery process.  Our white glove service includes the removal of all trash and packaging from the home and an explanation and demonstration of how the newly purchased product works.  In addition, we will haul away any old appliances if instructed to do so.  Currently, we handle white glove deliveries for several national accounts.



Our cross dock services provide our companies with the ability to have us receive their incoming line hauls, unload and sort merchandise intended for different destinations and re-load merchandise onto outbound trucks for immediate delivery.  We can also provide short term warehousing in order to combine shipments for optimal cost containment.  Our facility is equipped with multiple bays which allow for the timely unloading, sorting and re-loading of merchandise.



Many providers in the medical industry are turning to couriers to deliver critical items such as medications, medical equipment and supplies, medical records, specimen samples, blood, etc.  Understanding the importance and impact these deliveries can have on a patient's life and their loved ones is at the core of medical delivery program.  We understand the importance and sensitivity required when it comes to your medical deliveries and understand that, unlike any other deliveries we perform, your medical deliveries impacts lives.  Using delivery service that is established, adequately insured and familiar with medical delivery procedures and regulations can reduce your risks and costs.


Our dedicated team of drivers are OSHA, HIPPA and Bloodbourne Pathogen trained.  All of our drivers are equipped with spill kits, coolers and laser temperature devices to ensure safe and controlled transportation of your medical deliveries.   


At Premier, we can service all of your pharmaceutical needs.  We can provide on demand pickup and delivery of patient prescriptions and have the ability to handle larger retail or wholesale shipments. We understand the regulations and security requirements as well as the time constraints when it comes to your deliveries. 


We understand that time is of the essence when dealing with medical records, blood and other specimens samples.  We understand that specimens cannot be tested until they are delivered in a timely manner and in the proper condition (temperature, etc.) in order to ensure timely and accurate testing.  Our laboratory delivery program provides time critical delivery solutions for you.  Whether it be STAT deliveries or scheduled pickups and deliveries, we can find the solution that fits your needs. 



With our freight services we can help a company get their freight shipments delivered to a dock or door to door. We utilize various size box trucks, which are equipped with lift gates, to help companies get pallets or non-palletized merchandise delivered to different destinations which is far too costly for most line haul providers to do themselves, if they even offer the service.  Our goal is to be that missing link in the last mile delivery chain.


Personal service

We recognize that companies are not the only ones in need of delivery service.  Everyone's daily lives can often be so hectic that there is simply not enough time or energy to get everything done.  Let Premier Couriers help you with that.  Whether it be picking up dry cleaning, a cake at the bakery or food for a luncheon we can make your day easier.  We can also handle any furniture and appliance pickup and delivery along with most all assembly and installation. New patio set, new washer and dryer, new refrigerator, new dining room table, new mattress, no problem.  We are here for your personal needs in order to make your life easier.

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Home Healthcare Services

As one of the fastest growing segments of the health care industry, we understand the importance of getting medical supplies that "in home" patients need delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We are committed to providing patients with the care and respect they deserve.  Our staff will take all the appropriate steps to ensure delivery is made at the patient's convenience and will coordinate deliveries with caregivers and health care professionals when necessary to ensure that the deliveries are administered in a timely manner.  Our professional staff of drivers are also trained to ensure medical insurance forms are accurately completed, signed by authorized personnel and will collect any "COD" deliveries as necessary.  Whether we need to deliver to a hospital before a patient is discharged or whether we deliver to the patient's home, Premier Couriers will deliver every time.